It's all backwards. digital marketing for business

By CV Kreative


What is backwards?
Marketing budgets for small businesses are limited and without a sound strategy, the marketing budget gets drained away with little to any conversions or leads, which by definition makes your goals difficult to achieve.

All too often

All too often, small business owners & even their in house marketing team focus on social media way too much when the "simplicity is genius" rule should apply.
So you are having some luck on social media, you have a decent following and it's growing, you are receiving feedback & people are interact with your content. But you aren't generating any leads of converting any social media followers into sales. Why is that?

PPC and Advertising Campaigns

You have it backwards!

Yes it's great to look good to the world via social media. But remember just like PPC and your other marketing efforts. Social Media should be viewed as a traffic driver and nothing else.

You should be using social media to generate interest, education potential clients/customers and as a portal to drive people to your website.

Essentially the lack of visibility on social media platforms is a major problem for many businesses because it dilutes the return on investment of the company's social media efforts. Social media should be treated as an objective, not as a goal. It should be used to drive qualified prospects to your website, where they then become buyers!

Why do you have it backward?

You are pouring hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars into your social media and PPC campaigns that all lead to one place. Your website & if your website isn't appealing, easy to navigate and above all optimized to make purchasing your product or services as easy as possible.

All to often web designers or the DIY business owners don't use a website strategy. The DIY owner is in their business not on their business. What does that mean? It's simple, the business owner has created a website that they find appealing and not what their potential customers find appealing. Web designers fall into the trap of pleasing their clients by doing whatever the client wants. They are also members of what we like to call the creative group. They lack the experience of sales, business workflows & funnels. They are excellent at making things look good. But there is no purpose behind their product.

How do you stop being backwards?

This is quite simple, engage a company like CV Kreative to analyze your website, social media presence and campaigns.

  • The majority of our partners receive is your website while visually pleasing isn't optimized to sell.
  • There is too much information
  • There are too many "clickables"
  • Your goal isn't stated well enough
  • It's all about you.

So what do you do?

  1. Optimize your website to encourage purchasing
  2. Don't make your website too "clickable"
  3. You have already educated this purchaser & peaked their interest. If they want to learn about you and your products they will tell you. So make it easy for them to interact with you.
  4. With 96 out of 100 web visitors browsing your web site but not leaving you any of their information you have lost a lead.
  5. You need to make your website easier so you can capture the 4 out of 100 as well as a percentage of the 96.


Stop wasting money on ad campaigns & social media marketing. Get back to basics and fix your website. Turn your website into a powerful POS. Make it easy for a customer/client to buy from you. Be on your business & not in your business.

Contact CV Kreative today to see how we can help you level up your digital marketing and make your competitors "green" with envy!

*CV Kreative is a one stop shop for digital marketing & branding. We have helped hundreds of small business harness the power of digital marketing. With services & prices to fit all budgets it's no wonder CV Kreative has a 5 star Google & Facebook rating.

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